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How Much Does It Cost To Deliver A Package?

The cost of delivering a package is set by the individual courier or the shipping provider. Most base this on the distance from the pickup location to the destination as well as the size, weight, and possibly the contents of the package. Special Services such as overnight or same-day delivery will incur an additional charge. Duties, insurance, taxes, and required fees may also add to the price.



What is a courier? 

A courier is a specialty delivery service that provides customized services and fast delivery. Historically couriers have transported items from one location to another on foot or by horseback. Today they're more likely to use bicycles, vans, and even drones. These companies typically offer customized pricing and after hours available around the clock for added convenience.



What is the best delivery service?

The delivery service a company chooses depends on several factors. Some of these includes:

Shipping Time: Courier services typically complete deliveries much 

faster than standard shipping services like USPS

Availability: Some shipping companies like USPS, FEDEX, and UPS have set hours while couriers are likely available 24/7.

Specialty Services: Couriers maybe able to deliver items that standard shipping companies want conventional pricing. Couriers might be able to work out special pricing for repeat customers.

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